• Gain instant access to experts, minus the high costs.

    Gain instant access to experts, minus the high costs.

    CyberScout Claims customers gain real-time access to a secure portal that connects them to experts equipped to meet the specific needs of commercial carriers that want to provide a superior claims management experience.

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Specialized Cyber Claims Management

Fully licensed to operate nationwide, CyberScout Claims is the industry’s first third-party administrator (TPA) focused exclusively on managing cyber and privacy breach claims. Carriers partnering with CyberScout Claims will benefit from:

  • Full transparency by providing easy, secure access into cases
  • Improved customer satisfaction by directly connecting policyholders with cyber claims experts
  • Reduced expenses over costly and less experienced claims monitoring counsel or non-specialized TPAs

Cost-Effective, Superior Experience

While the actual volume of cyber-related claims remains relatively low; the costs needed to handle their complexity runs very high. With demand for cyber coverage exploding, carriers need a solution that delivers a high level of expertise cost effectively. CyberScout Claims sole focus on cyber claims processing means insurers can be confident that policyholders are in good hands. With CyberScout Claims, you can reduce costs by:

  • Avoiding uncontrolled expenses and poor customer service owing to a lack of in-house expertise
  • Eliminating dependence on retained outside counsel
  • Performing benchmark comparisons against your own cyber claims using aggregated cyber claims loss data.

Enhanced Policyholder Experience

When you connect your policyholders directly to CyberScout Claims, everyone wins.  Access to nationally licensed claims experts and dedicated systems ensure a streamlined process that provides 24/7/365 visibility and monitoring of claims, supported by unmatched cyber claims experience.  Carriers enhance their brand and increase customer retention while controlling the costs of processing claims.  Delivering superlative customer service with CyberScout Claims helps:

  • Retain high-value customers
  • Enhance your brand
  • Deliver better outcomes